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Promoting your business can be a tricky balancing act. On the one hand, you know you have to spend money to make money, but you also need to see returns on investments. When it comes to promotions, figuring out ROI can be difficult to gauge.

You need to come up with creative ideas for promotional items that appeal to consumers, encourage them to patronize your business, and serve as ambassadors of sorts, spreading brand awareness. 

Pens and keychains are typical promotional giveaway ideas, but if you want to stand out in the minds of potential customers, consider giving away exciting and innovative items that people want and want to share. Here are a few ideas that go beyond standard items and appeal to modern consumers.

The Power of Brand Giveaways

Promotional items are tangible reminders of your business that can be displayed publicly or used day-to-day. Before you decide which items are right for your business, it’s important to understand the value you stand to gain by offering brand giveaways. Thoughtful giveaways can:

  • Serve as a budget-friendly marketing opportunity
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness
  • Boost consumer engagement and strengthen relationships
  • Encourage sales and brand loyalty
  • Generate leads
  • Boost positive impressions of your brand
  • Give you a competitive edge
  • Strengthen your brand community

About 75% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that offers promotional items, and tangible items create 2.5 times greater positive associations with brands than online ads. 

10 Promotional Giveaway Ideas

The items you choose matter. Roughly 72% of consumers link brand reputation with quality. So, how can you get creative with promotional giveaways to increase visibility and awareness while showing customers that your brand is worth investing in?

When it comes to promotional giveaway ideas, the type and quality of items you choose are critical to getting the results you want. For example, if you want recipients to display items publicly to increase brand awareness and outreach, apparel could be a good option. If you want a more memorable option that acts as a daily brand reminder, a challenge coin is a great item that can be displayed on desks or framed in workplaces. 

The best promotional items help create a sense of group inclusivity or serve as a sort of social currency to encourage sharing with trusted family, friends, and acquaintances. Think hard about which items can help you reach your specific goals regarding brand promotion.

1. Challenge Coins

While challenge coins are probably best known for recognition of service in the military, the culture of these unique and collectible coins has spread. Today, government agencies, civic groups, corporate entities, and private organizations may use them to represent membership, instill pride, and boost morale.

They can also serve as creative promotional giveaway items. Custom coin designs are great for branding and offer the powerful appeal of collectability. You can change designs for different events or purposes and offer giveaways to encourage social sharing.

2. Mugs and Water Bottles

With more people embracing eco-friendly consumption and shying away from single-use items, reusable mugs and water bottles have become popular giveaway items. Portable water bottles made of aluminum or stainless steel are a good bet for sustainability, especially if you can brand them with your logo and preferred colors.

To make mugs stand out from the pack, consider adding visual interest with unusual shapes (like a tapered bottom) or multiple materials (rough stoneware on the bottom half with a glazed upper half, for example).

3. Belt Buckles

With options for personalized belt buckles in both Western-style (hinge and hook) and web belt (box frame) models, you can appeal to every demographic with belt buckles. Buckles are durable and customizable, working with leather or woven fabric belts.

Add custom images that appeal to target consumers on the front face of the buckle and engrave the reverse side with branded information. As creative promotional giveaway ideas go, this one goes well beyond the typical t-shirt or ball cap.

4. Swag and Gear Packs

Hats, tees, magnets, bumper stickers, pens, notepads, and office accessories are standard promotional items. However, if you want to grab attention and appeal to consumers, you need to take your efforts to the next level. The best giveaway items in the swag and gear pack category should offer function and modern appeal.

Instead of branded laptop stickers or USB drives, consider headphones or roll-up travel pouches to organize charging cables. Opt for items like multi-tools or bottle openers that people will use frequently and keep indefinitely. If you want to give out apparel, choose performance fabrics from well-known brands. Inventive approaches to traditional swag can draw the right kind of attention when used in public.

5. Lapel Pins

The best business giveaways tend to be small, portable, and versatile. Adding customized graphics, logos, and text makes them even better. Much like challenge coins, lapel pins fit this criteria perfectly.

Pins can be worn on jackets and ball caps, attached to purses and backpacks, or they can be placed on pin boards as collectible items. You can choose from a range of quality pin styles that work perfectly with your branding, including:

  • Soft enamel
  • Hard enamel
  • Die struck
  • Offset printed
  • Silkscreened

Lapel pins can be easily branded or customized for specific groups or events. They also let your customers engage in passive advertising on your behalf. The variety of styles available means you can create a custom option to fit any aesthetic. 

6. Backpacks and Tote Bags

This one likely doesn’t surprise you — it’s a brand gift classic. Totes and backpacks are sure to be top giveaways because they’re functional, convenient, and an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. 

Backpacks and totes can be a bit pricier than pens or magnets, but if you’re trying to impress a certain client base or make a big splash at an important event, you don’t want to skimp. Bags need to be high-quality if you want them to provide lasting use value and advertising potential, along with positive brand associations for consumers.

7. Patches

Custom embroidered patches, like challenge coins and lapel pins, are among the most versatile and unique promotional giveaway ideas. They’re fully customizable and can be used for a variety of purposes — from clothing items to art projects to framed collections, there are lots of options for display.

Available with iron-on, PVC, or hook-and-loop backing, patches are available in a nearly endless variety of styles to suit your specific needs. When consumers add them to jackets, bags, or luggage, they serve as cost-effective brand advertising.

8. Medallions

Medallions have become trendy and popular giveaways in recent years. They’re a great way to promote your brand and encourage participation, whether you’re attending trade shows, hosting seminars, or sponsoring events like parades and fun runs. 

Medallions can also act as collectible items, especially when they feature custom artwork and represent specific events or popular brands. High-quality materials, eye-catching graphics, and colored ribbons combine to create these unique promotional items.

9. Coasters and Koozies

Along with water bottles, coasters and koozies are useful giveaways that appeal to many demographics. They’re affordable and because they’re designed to be used, the chance that new people will see them is high.

To make these items even more enticing, consider creative branding with clever images and phrases that speak to your industry and company. Pairing your branding with an event or new product launch could help to increase engagement and social sharing.

10. Golf Ball Markers

If your main consumer demographic includes golf aficionados, custom golf ball markers could be good giveaway items. Small, portable, and easy to brand, these promotional items can be both functional and fun.

When giveaway recipients are out on the links, they’re sure to share their newest markers with their golf buddies. This kind of sharing and free promotion is exactly what you want when you create branded items to hand out.

Grow Your Branding With Lone Star

The right promotional branding partner can help you develop creative and customized promotional giveaway ideas that appeal to consumers and elevate your brand. 

The experienced team at Lone Star Challenge Coins brings your design vision to life and crafts unique promotional items that help to increase brand awareness and boost your reputation.

Whether you’re interested in custom challenge coins or other innovative swag, you’ll find the perfect promotional giveaways with Lone Star. We offer fast service, competitive pricing, and free shipping. Contact us now to learn more or get a free quote.

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