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Can Civilians Carry Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins have a long-standing history in the US military. Over time, the tradition has passed from the military to the government, law enforcement, and first responders. Now, even civilians are joining in. Here’s how civilians have begun using challenge coins.

Who Should Use Challenge Coins?

While civilians cannot carry coins intended for military personnel or law enforcement, they can use their own custom coins. First responders, businesses, fraternal organizations, clubs, sports teams, and so on have all found uses for civilian challenge coins. Any group will feel closer together when they share a custom challenge coin that is unique to them.

Uses for Civilian Challenge Coins

In the military, challenge coins are used to recognize achievements or bravery, or to promote camaraderie. Civilian challenge coins can be used the same way. They can be given to employees by their bosses or sports players by their coaches to recognize special achievements. They can also be given to all members in a group, club, team, etc. to promote unity and a special bond between the members. Sometimes they are appropriate outside a specific group; companies have also used challenge coins for advertisements or special promotions. 

Benefits of Custom Coins

Civilian challenge coins are an excellent way of boosting morale, rewarding special achievements, and creating a sense of unity. Because they’re customizable and completely unique to groups or individuals, their value extends far beyond monetary value. Since they’re coins, they can be carried around anywhere and kept forever. It’s an incredibly personal and rewarding thing to receive a challenge coin.

For any kind of group you may be a part of, custom challenge coins are an excellent idea. If you’re ready to start designing your coins or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at Lone Star Challenge Coins today.

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