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3 Reason’s We’re the #1 Challenge Coin Manufacturer in Texas

Reason #1: Our Humble Size

Sure, we’re not the largest challenge coin manufacturer in the U.S., but bigger is not always better! As a smaller company we are more flexible, we’re experts in what we do, and we’re able to provide unique, personalized service to every customer. Think cruise ship vs. speedboat. Because we are smaller we have the ability to change directions easily. We can also adapt to sudden changes and easily meet special requests. This of course allows us to provide you with better, faster customer service that is more uniquely tailored to fit your individual needs. Also, because we have a more narrow focus and expertise, we are experts at what we do! Additionally, our sales manager is a USCG veteran, and our art director has a brother that has been actively serving in the U.S. Army since 2008. This gives us a ton of insight into designing more exciting and unique products for our customers as many of them come from some sort of military or public service background.

Reason #2: Our Focus on Quality

As a smaller challenge coin manufacturer we are more in tune with the quality of the coins we produce, and the service we provide. We take pride in our work because we know that our challenge coins touch the hearts of countless individuals around the world. Many of who risk their lives every day to provide us with the comfort and safety we enjoy as Americans. Because of this, we love what we do, and that passion fuels the creativity for our projects. There is no cutting corners, no compromising, and no one says, “that’s good enough”. Every customer we serve has their own unique story, and we approach each design with that mindset. We want to ensure that, your individuality is reflected in your challenge coin so that you can cherish it for years to come.

Reason #3: Competitive Pricing

One of the most common things we hear from our customers is how astonished they were by our competitive pricing. We continually hear about how we’re more responsive, provided better artwork and come in lower than our competitors on price. Trust me, it wasn’t a mistake! Our artwork is better because we focus on the quality of our work. Our service is superior because we focus on the quality of our staff. And our prices are better because we simply pass on any savings we get to our customers. Sure, we operate for profit and staying profitable is a major concern of ours. However, getting the largest margins possible at the sake of service and quality is not what we’re about. That is however what you can expect from our larger competitors. Not only do we provide the highest quality service and products, but we match all the other amenities our larger competitors provide. That is why we are the #1 challenge coin manufacturer in Texas and dare I say, The World!

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