What Determines the Price of Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are designed to represent an organization or an occasion. These coins are usually made of various metals, including bronze, zinc, and brass. For the average person, they might not seem valuable at all. 

Despite being small, these coins usually have a unique design signifying the organization they represent via an engraved emblem or insignia. In some cases, the organization’s motto may also be engraved onto the coin’s edge.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing or selling custom challenge coins. In addition to the cost, you should also consider the coin’s size, shape, and plating.

How much someone charges for their challenge coins depends on many factors. On average, coins go for about $3-$5 per coin up to $100!

What Influences the Cost of a Custom Challenge Coin?

Multiple factors influence the cost of custom challenge coins. The most common include their size, coloration, and quantity.

Challenge Coin Size

Normally, the coin’s size depends on the industry standards and level of complexity. The bigger the size, the higher the coin price may be. 

Larger coin sizes may cost more than smaller ones because they require more molds and materials. For instance, a 4-inch challenge coin will cost about twice as much as a 2-inch coin. 


The paint used on coins also impacts the price of the coins. The more paint used, the higher the price. However, the coin’s coloration is dependent on how the custom challenge coin company placed the coin’s insignia and logo.

Buying bare challenge coins may bring the price down significantly since you eliminate the paint cost. However, if this isn’t an option, one can get smaller coins that use less paint.

Additionally, adding color to both sides of the coin will further increase this price. Some individuals may instead add color to only one side to highlight a specific element of the coin’s design.

Unit Price and Mold Fee

The unit price and mold fee of a coin will also affect how much the coin will go for. The mold stamps the challenge coin, placing the design. It is essential – and serves as the highest single cost factor of challenge coins.

The mold still costs the most when manufacturing custom challenge coins, even at a fixed cost.

Custom Challenge Coin Usage

Another factor that may influence the price of a challenge coin is how it was used. It might be more valuable if it was awarded to law enforcement officers or military service members. 

This is because many military service members view custom challenge coins as valuable coins full of invaluable memories. These coins may serve as a representation that an individual survived the military, something you can’t gauge just by looking at a coin.

If you’re looking to buy or sell challenge coins, it’s helpful to understand how they are valued. Knowing this helps you decide on what challenge coin to buy. At Lone Star Challenge Coins, our experienced team is ready to answer any questions you may have about challenge coins. Contact us today!

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