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Different Types of Custom Belt Buckles Explained

While serving the important functional use of fastening your belt, Belt buckles can also be easily customized and used for self-expression or group comradery. There are two main types of custom belt buckles. These are the Western-style buckle, hinge & hook, web belt buckle, or box frame. Keep reading to learn the difference between the two and decide which style of personalized belt buckle is right for you.

Western Style Buckle

As the name suggests, Western-style buckles have a long history in the American West. They are worn by cowboys and decorated with turquoise and designs of animals, state emblems, or other wild west imagery. These buckles work with any belt with a snap-on loop on one end and prong holes on the other. The front can be colored and designed in just about any way you like.

Web Belt Buckles

Web belt buckles are a more modern buckle often used for official groups like naval personnel, where web belts are the uniform standard. Web belt buckles fit with any woven fabric webbed belts and are fastened together with a set of metal teeth. Like Western-style buckles, the front of these buckles can be customized with any color and design you choose.

Custom Belt Buckles: The Short of It

The primary difference between the belt buckle styles is which kind of belt they are compatible with. In this way, one buckle style cannot be interchanged with another. Otherwise, both buckles are fully customizable in the front and can be engraved in the back. Price is primarily affected by the design’s material, color, and complexity.

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