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Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

A Brief History of Police Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins originally became popular in the armed forces. While there are a few speculations on how it became popular amongst the ranks of the military, no one quite knows for sure how the tradition came about. Since many U.S. Officers in law enforcement once served in the military, it seems only natural that the tradition of the challenge coin would follow them into law enforcement. As it is in the military, challenge coins are a way for members of law enforcement to show honor and appreciation for hard work, dedication and sacrifice, for commemorating those who have fallen in the line of duty, and for celebrating and remembering momentous occasions.  

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The Thin Blue Line

It is common to see the “Thin Blue Line Flag” incorporated into law enforcement challenge coins. For those who are unsure of what exactly this signifies, the thin blue line is a representation of the line between life and death, and order and chaos. It is this delicate, thin line that our officers serve to protect in order to maintain the balance of justice and order. It doesn’t just serve as a reminder for why they choose to put their lives on the line every day, but also as a way of memorializing fallen comrades and honoring their sacrifice as well.  

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St. Michael the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement

St. Michael is the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, and as a result you will often see him featured in Law Enforcement Challenge Coin designs. Though not often depicted in the bible, St. Michael is essentially God’s right hand and as thus fights evil and restores the light to a darkened world. Although he fights demons and wards off evil, he is not a violent being by nature. Like St. Michael, our law enforcement officers also fight to protect and maintain order while constantly avoiding the use of violence. Moreover, he also represents the spiritual warrior within all of us, and the struggle that we fight internally as we wrestle with our demons on a day-to-day basis. He is hope, he is freedom, and he is justice. Only those that would disrupt the balance of order need fear his wrath. 

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Texas Law Enforcement Coins

Coins for the Communities They Serve

Law Enforcement Officers often patrol the same beat for years and as a result, grow strong roots in their respective communities. Police Departments often create challenge coins for community members in regards to efforts such as volunteering, fundraising, to bring awareness to an issue, or for doing good in the community. We often get design requests such as these and are always grateful to be a part of them. Knowing that the challenge coins we manufacture reward those that participate and contribute to their communities, gives us a strong sense of purpose. Not only do these challenge coins reward people, but they also strengthen the bonds between the communities and their local law enforcement departments. That is why we love what we do! 

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K9 Unit Police Challenge Coin

Celebrating Man’s Best Friend in Police K9 Units

Police K9 Units are essential in a variety of operations such as search and rescue, drug enforcement, anti-terrorism, locating evidence and so on. They also serve the purpose of protecting their handlers, and will selflessly give their lives to save others. They are loyal, carrying out commands without hesitation, and work tirelessly without ever complaining. Their tremendous displays of loyalty, dedication, courage, and sacrifice cannot go unacknowledged.. We are well aware of the hard work and sacrifices these pups make, and so we make doubly sure that it is reflected in the K9 Unit’s challenge coin design.

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Partnering Up with Texas’ #1 Coin Manufacturer

There are plenty of reasons to partner up with Lone Star Challenge Coins. Not only are we Texas’ #1 challenge coin manufacturer with over 10 years of industry experience, but we understand our customers and know the products we design and create are a source of pride and honor to those who receive them. We understand this because we have either lived it ourselves, or have people close to us that have. Our sales manager is a USCG veteran and our art director has a brother that has been serving in the Army for over 12 years. Whether your coin is meant to reward excellence, commemorate a fallen hero, or to memorialize an event, we will work diligently to make sure that it’s importance shines through in your design. 

Ordering Police Challenge Coins

It’s no question that law enforcement is one of the toughest jobs out there, and we personally feel all the people involved deserve to be rewarded and commemorated for their hard work and sacrifice. We’ve been making all kinds of law enforcement challenge coins for a long time now, and we love what we do. Whether you’re a government branch such as the DEA or a small local Sheriff’s Office we got you covered. We offer a 10% discount to all active and retired law enforcement officers on top of our already competitive pricing. Also, all shipping to the U.S. is free!

If you have a challenge coin you’d like made, or know someone that does, don’t hesitate to send in a free quote request. We’ll give you a free quote as well as free artwork showing you what your coin will look like. There is no commitment to buy and revisions are free! What are you waiting for? Get Started now

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