Ranking Military Challenge Coins by Prestige

Military challenge coins have been a staple in the military for decades. Legend has it that a pressed bronze coin saved an American pilot’s life in World War I by identifying him as an ally to French forces. 

However, not every military challenge coin is the same. Some coins are much more valuable than others based on how and why they were issued. The following is a rank-by-rank list of challenge coins military officers and veterans take pride in:

Medal of Honor Recipient Coins

These coins are usually issued to recipients of the Medal of Honor. It is given to active and retired service members. 

Military School Coins

Military school students can be issued with challenge coins upon graduation.

General Officer Coins

These military challenge coins are purchased and issued to troops with outstanding achievements by general officers.

Unit Coins

These are custom military challenge coins branded with different units’ insignia and issued to troops who do something outstanding. There are four types of unit coins broken down by rank:

  • Branch coins
  • Divisional coins
  • Brigade coins
  • Battalion coins

Unit coins are not as valuable as the first three coins because they are a lot more common.

Promotional Coins

These custom military challenge coins are engraved with company brands and issued to active troops and veterans to build brand awareness. 

Significance of Challenge Coins in the Military

Ever since WWII, challenge coins have been used to identify service members. Active and retired military members now use them to connect, especially the coins issued to members who participated in certain missions. 

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