Understanding Challenge Coin Etiquette

Challenge coins are given as gifts to members of the military, government, or other fraternal organizations. These coins represent units or districts and can be kept or traded among members within their own communities or outside of their districts. Firefighters, soldiers, and others that have completed different training opportunities and challenges may receive custom challenge coins. Custom made challenge coins showcase the unique qualities of their organizations. 

When to Give a Challenge Coin

Challenge coins were initially created as a reward for the hard work of a service member. Nowadays, they can be given for various reasons by a variety of organizations. Challenge coins have been used to recognize achievements for a variety of people, from firefighters to Alcoholics Anonymous members. Coins can be given to honor a special event or given upon completion of training to recognize the level of hard work that was put in. Coins can be given to help boost morale and bond team members as they unite their members with the images of shared values and goals. 

How to Gift a Coin

Challenge coins are given as a sign of respect for one another. Receiving a challenge coin is an honor for many. Depending on the organization, they may be given in a public or private ceremony with a lot (or a little) pomp and circumstance. They can also be given alongside a simple handshake with a “job well done.” 

Quality Challenge Coins for Your Department

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