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Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins can be used for a number of reasons such as awards for outstanding achievement, commemorating special events, such as a unit’s deployment or a military operation, and are a way for service members to show pride in their unit and their service to their country. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced company to create high-quality challenge coins, Lone Star Challenge Coins is the perfect choice! We offer a wide variety of options, competitive pricing, free shipping, and excellent customer service. Let us start designing your custom challenge coin today!
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Do you have a long and distinguished career in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Space Force?

We design our military challenge coins to honor the integrity and bravery of our dedicated veterans and active servicemen and women. These coins symbolize their pride, sacrifice, and service to maintain freedom for this country. Lone Star Challenge Coins creates custom military coins to memorialize units, missions, and your brothers and sisters in arms.

As a business managed by a veteran of our great country, we take pride in crafting challenge coins. These coins can be customized to reflect your unit and pride in your service. Whether want to design veteran challenge coins or ones for active military, trust Lone Star Challenge Coins. We’re committed to delivering only the finest quality products.


IS EASY AS 1-2-3

Follow our three-step process or visit our dedicated customization page for more information on the options available to bring your designs to life.
Step 1

Send US Your Ideas

All great designs begin with an idea. Due to the customized nature of our products, we can only give you an accurate quote after creating a proof. Send us your design vision, which can be nothing more than a concept, and we’ll develop it for you.

We offer free, high-quality artwork to every customer, and our team works until you’re 100% satisfied. Take advantage of our unlimited revisions guarantee.

Step 2

Get A Proof & Quote

Once our design team has completed your design, we’ll send a proof with the challenge coin cost. Our challenge coin prices are tailored to the job, varying based on intricacy, metal, finish, and any other special additions you want to include.

If you’re unsatisfied with the proof, get back to us, and we’ll revise your design until you get the coin you want.

Step 3

Approve & PURCHASE

Are you satisfied with the design in front of you? Give us the green light, and we’ll get to work producing your coins. We offer various payment methods to suit your needs, including taking payments over the phone.

From the moment we receive your payment, manufacturing your pins can take up to 14 business days, depending on the number ordered and how many other orders we’re completing. Shipping usually takes 2-3 days.



J and jarren
J and jarren
10 November 2023
My class spent well over $9,000 on our class coins. First issue, they didn't get them to us in a timely manner. We received them barely in time for graduation. Second, they sent us coins with a misspelled word (brave) as seen in the picture. Third issue, a lot of the spinners came broken, also as seen in the picture. When I reached out to the company, they claim sending replacement coins out at a later date is rectifying of this situation. Very empathetic to the situation at hand overall. Not very professional at all, terrible business practices and they definitely will not receive future business from me nor any recommendations either. Zero stars
M. Wong
M. Wong
27 October 2023
I found this company last year after a recommendation from a friend and I've ordered several times now. What keeps me coming back is the high level of customer service and responsiveness in the projects that have been created. The work product is also great and the quality of the coins, detail and just overall, I am very pleased with. This is my GO TO shop now for coins. Please check them out, you will not be disappointed! PS. Big shout to Corbin for his amazing guest service!
Stephen Ryan
Stephen Ryan
25 October 2023
This company is fantastic! I reached out to them to create a custom shaped coin with custom artwork that they had put together for me. The coins are a Veteran's Day thank you token for those who served at our company. We will definitely be returning for future orders. From start to finish, they were very open with communication, extremely fast to respond to concerns and questions, and lastly delivered something that blew us out of the water. Thank you so much!
Alejandra O'Connor
Alejandra O'Connor
25 October 2023
I ordered challenge coins on behalf of my government agency. Lone Star was easy to work with and did amazing things with the graphics I sent. They turned the artwork around quickly and each time it was better than what we had hoped for. We did have several back and forth messages to get the coin exactly as we wanted it. Our representative was so patient with us and had excellent customer service. We also got the coins in the mail quickly. Working with Lone Star was a wonderful experience end-to-end.
Italy Mair
Italy Mair
18 October 2023
Great service, great communication, and great products! Would definitely recommend them.
Rafael Moronta
Rafael Moronta
13 October 2023
Amazing artwork.. aside from the product what I loved most of our experience was the flexibility to create a coin that’s exceeds your own expectations. Thank you guys so much for making the process seamless and affordable!
5 October 2023
Absolutely fantastic company to work with. Communication was always quick, and the final product looked even better than the proof did. 10/10 would recommend!
26 September 2023
I engaged with Lone star challenge coins to make coins for my fiancé's celebration of life. I was pretty clueless about design, and they provided the perfect design. The coins arrived in time, and we were more than satisfied with the outcome. Their customer service was excellent as well. They guided me (held my hand) throughout the process, and were quick to respond. I cannot say enough about their product and company.
Debbie Avinger
Debbie Avinger
26 September 2023
We are so grateful for the work Lone Star Challenge Coins did for our nonprofit fundraising event! They worked with our budget and gave us medals with ribbons and challenge coins that were better than we expected.
Dan Kiser
Dan Kiser
22 September 2023
Corbin was very combative when I explained that the design provided was not at all reflective of the requests that I provided on the Inquiry form. Based on the customer service alone during that 1 phone call, I am not inclined to pursue any business with this company. EDIT: I spoke to the owner, Mike, and he helped rectify the situation and framed it as a learning opportunity for his team. This is a good reminder that people make mistakes but first impressions matter.
*All personal information submitted through our forms are used for internal use only. We never share any of your information with a third-party under any circumstances. For more information please review our terms & conditions/privacy policy page.
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Looking for some inspiration? We’ve put together a selection of awe-inspiring challenge coin designs from each branch of the military that will help you feed your creativity. Here you can draw from the well of inspiration to come up with your own custom coin design. By combining and altering different elements, you can create something completely original!


Army challenge coins are emblematic tokens that hold deep significance within the ranks of the US Army. These coins are crafted with precision and often feature unique designs displaying unit and branch insignias, unit mascots or other patriotic symbols that represent the storied history and values of the Army. US Army challenge coins are usually awarded to soldiers for their acts of valor and excellence in the line of duty or as tokens of appreciation and serve as tangible expressions of honor, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and pride among soldiers.


Navy challenge coins are highly cherished and distinguished tokens of profound significance within naval traditions. These coins often bear intricate designs featuring naval emblems, ship insignias, ranks, ratings, and other maritime symbols that reflect the proud heritage of the USN. US Navy Challenge Coins are awarded to naval officers and enlisted sailors for their exceptional service and achievements on the high seas or as tokens of appreciation. These highly sought-after coins foster a sense of camaraderie among sailors and serve as tangible reminders of shared experiences and dedication to the maritime mission.


Air Force challenge coins are prestigious and symbolic tokens that hold special meaning within the ranks of the United States Air Force. These exceptionally well-crafted coins often showcase aviation-inspired designs, wing emblems, or aircraft symbols that reflect the Air Force’s commitment to excellence in the skies. USAF challenge coins are awarded for outstanding achievements and service or as symbols of recognition, contributing to a sense of unity among airmen and highlighting their shared dedication to the principles of air and space dominance.


Marine Corps challenge coins are distinguished tokens that carry significant weight within the ethos of the United States Marine Corps. Imbued with intricate designs featuring iconic Marine Corps symbols, unit insignias, or the eagle, globe, and anchor emblem, these coins encapsulate the Marine Corps’ rich heritage and values. USMC Challenge coins are awarded for acts of valor and exceptional service or as symbols of brotherhood, symbolizing the unyielding spirit, dedication, and camaraderie of those who proudly wear the Marine uniform.


Coast Guard challenge coins are emblematic tokens that hold a special place within the United States Coast Guard, reflecting this branch’s unique missions and maritime responsibilities. These coins often feature nautical themes, Coast Guard emblems, or symbols of rescue and service. USCG challenge coins, often awarded for valor and excellence in the line of duty, signify the dedication and unity of the men and women safeguarding the nation’s coastal waters and maritime interests.


Space Force challenge represents the futuristic and pioneering spirit of the United States Space Force, the newest branch of the U.S. military. Crafted with precision, these challenge coins often feature space-themed designs, celestial emblems, or symbols representing the cutting-edge nature of space operations. Awarded for achievements in space endeavors and dedication to the mission, or as symbols of space exploration, Space Force challenge coins exemplify the commitment and camaraderie of those who serve on the edge of the final frontier.

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