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Building a sense of belonging and community among workers is vital, especially if they work remotely. However, it’s not enough to simply collect all the employees and have them perform trust-building activities. You’ll need some company retreat gifts, too! Showing appreciation for their hard work is an everyday activity, so the retreat gifts you choose should be unique and memorable. 

Whatever your budget, one of these company retreat gift ideas will get the wheels turning and spark joy for you and your staff.

1. Custom Gift Bags

Gift bags are one of the top tried-and-true company retreat gifts. They’re an opportunity to include cool stuff you think your employees will use and brand items with your corporate logo. Some neat retreat swag bag ideas include:

  • Pens/Pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Water Bottles/Thermoses
  • Calculators
  • Playing Cards
  • Snacks
  • Bottle Openers/Keychains
  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Coasters

Of course, if your budget can handle it, there are plenty more additions you can make, such as noise-canceling headphones and tablets, among other pricier corporate retreat gift bag ideas.

2. Custom Challenge Coins

Military and law enforcement members will be familiar with the concept of the challenge coin. They’re a traditional gift that demonstrates gratitude for excellent service and sacrifice and an honor to receive. Custom challenge coins can feature insignias, logos, and any chosen message. The earliest challenge can be traced back to Roman soldiers, who received an extra coin for valiant service on the battlefield. Modern versions originated with the armed forces, most likely during World War I.

If you want your employees to understand how much you respect them, go with challenge coins. There are plenty of branded retreat gift ideas out there, but perhaps none are more impactful than custom, personalized challenge coins.

3. Custom Wellness Gifts

Don’t just tell your employees you care — show them! One of the more popular corporate retreat gift ideas in recent years is a wellness bag full of health-enhancing goodies. These items are generally geared toward holistic wellness, not just physical health. So, in addition to fitness gear, these gift bags will often contain mindfulness and meditation aids, sleep masks, beauty products, and even subscriptions to life coaching and audio guide services.

4. Custom Outerwear

There’s no question that one of the most common retreat gifts or ideas for employee swag is branded outerwear, and for good reason. Items like hoodies, shirts, jackets, and hats with company logos promote unity and loyalty, especially if they are high quality and comfortable. Get creative with messaging complete with memes and jokes to make them enjoyable as daily wear. Alternatively, you can keep the logos subtle for a more upscale look!

5. Custom Tumblers

Whether you want to go with traditional glass tumblers or more rugged steel or aluminum is up to you. Tumblers top the list of most popular retreat gift bag ideas because they feature plenty of room for corporate logos and messages yet don’t feel like typical marketing swag. You can even find custom tumblers with metal straws included.

6. Custom Laptop Case

Quality laptop bags are a great gift even if your employees don’t have company-issued laptops. Nearly everyone has a laptop; if they don’t, they probably have a netbook or tablet. There’s plenty of room for a corporate logo, too. This is one of those retreat gift ideas that pay dividends for the company, especially if you spring for high-end examples. The more you protect your employee’s laptops, the less you’ll have to worry about them breaking!

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Every staff member in a company yearns for appreciation. By fostering a sense of belonging and instilling a drive for success, you enhance employee loyalty, inspiring them to exceed expectations and contribute passionately to the team’s achievements. That’s why challenge coins are among the most unique and memorable company retreat gift ideas! 

Elevate team spirit and enhance company morale with uniquely custom-designed challenge coins. These tokens of appreciation and unity are not just gifts; they’re tangible symbols of your company’s values and your team’s hard work. 

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