How to Earn a Challenge Coin

A custom challenge coin is part of a long-standing tradition in the United States armed forces, emergency services, and law enforcement agencies. Receiving a challenge coin is a great honor and represents a material recognition of excellence or bravery. However, as the name suggests, these coins are not easy to earn, and this difficulty and rarity make them so significant. Here are some ways that challenge coins are most commonly earned and awarded.

Earn a Challenge Coin for Armed Force Services

It is generally believed that the tradition of awarding challenge coins began with soldiers; therefore, one of the most common ways to earn one is through service in the armed forces. Challenge coins can be awarded at different times for various reasons. These reasons include recognition of academic achievement in a military service school, recognition of excellence in one’s professional field within the military, and gratitude upon one’s retirement from service.

Heroic Achievement

A custom challenge coin is also often awarded to recognize a person’s heroic acts. This commonly applies to heroism or bravery in the line of duty in the military, but can also be applied outside the military, such as for emergency services or law enforcement personnel.

Joining an Organization or Unit

Some organizations also award challenge coins to their new members. For example, some units in the military might issue a custom challenge coin to new members to commemorate acceptance into that unit. Still, earning a challenge coin this way is no less significant. Such coins often have even more sentimental value by uniting a person with their organization and its members for life.

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Challenge coins are a wonderful, time-honored tradition for recognizing the achievements of those who serve their country. If you’re looking for a beautiful and memorable custom challenge coin, don’t hesitate to contact Lone Star Challenge Coins today.

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