5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Police Officers

Gift Ideas for Police

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Few jobs come with the risk of not coming home, but that’s the reality of being a police officer. Combined with constant news stories and shifts in popular opinion, being a cop is an incredibly stressful occupation that often feels unrewarding and thankless. Luckily, there are ways you can ensure these civil servants know you appreciate them, that their sacrifice isn’t unnoticed, and that they matter. All you need are some good police officer gift ideas.

Gifts for law enforcement officers don’t have to be elaborate, but they do have to demonstrate you understand how much being a cop is part of their life and that, for those who take it seriously, it is a source of enormous pride. The right police gift idea will show them you care.

When to Give Gifts to Police Officers

Before we get into the cop gifts you should consider, let’s discuss the right occasions for giving those gifts.

Birthdays or Holidays

Everyone loves a considerate present for a birthday or holiday, but choosing a gift for cops should be more specific. Such a gift should be something that honors their hard work and is personal and meaningful.

New Position

Becoming a police officer or advancing through the ranks is a cause for celebration. That is an excellent time to offer a token of appreciation and congratulate them for their efforts. New police officer gifts help them feel like they have earned a position they’ve aspired to reach.

Major Accomplishments

The accomplishments don’t have to be regarding law enforcement; they can be anything meaningful to your recipient. The point is acknowledging who they are and why they’re essential. Whether they’ve completed a marathon, successfully run a fundraiser, or broken a record, you can mark the accomplishment with the proper police officer gifts.


After a long career of defending justice and keeping the community safe, it’s important to remind a retiring cop that it was a career well spent. They may have a retirement ceremony planned at the station that you can attend, but you can throw one yourself and give some meaningful gifts there, too.

5 Best Gifts for Police Officers

The best police gift ideas are the ones that remind them that their sacrifice is appreciated and that you understand how important it is to them to be a cop. These gifts for police officers let you add a personal, custom touch to some traditionally essential items in law enforcement circles.

1. Custom Patch

Uniform patches are ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean they must all have a standard design. You can get custom patches with original artwork, design, and shape for that special officer in your life. The patches can be iron-on, hook-and-loop, or have a PVC backing. Also, with free artwork and priority shipping, you can stay within budget, have it in hand quickly, and have that patch well before a party or ceremony.

2. Custom Medal

Medals are traditional awards for valor, whether for bravery, injuries sustained while in service, rescuing fellow officers from danger, or some other selfless act. You can create a custom medal to mark a special occasion or accomplishment! Whether you prefer trophy/event medals, fiesta medals, or military medals, you can choose from various ribbon designs, including solid color, multi-color, stripes, flags, or a custom design.

3. Lapel Pin

What lapel pins lack in size, they make up for in style. Few other gifts let you walk up and pin them directly to the recipient’s collar! Custom lapel pins allow you to create your own unique and exciting designs. Whether you want the pins die-struck, made of soft or hard enamel, or crafted with offset or silkscreen printing, your custom design choices are limitless.

4. Belt Buckle

Custom belt buckles make bold statements. Everyone will notice a custom, flashy belt buckle. You can finish them with a Western-style hinge and hook fasteners, or web belt/box frame mounting. Either way, the belt buckles are made with the same quality and attention to detail as the medals, pins, and challenge coins.

5. Challenge Coin

To receive a challenge coin is an honor. They show trust, understanding, and camaraderie. Custom challenge coins let gift givers create a more personal message and design. The coins can be round, uniquely shaped, 3D, die-struck, or even made as a bottle opener.

Find the Perfect Gift with Lone Star

Gifts for police officers can take many forms, but what matters is that you demonstrate respect for the sacrifice law enforcement officers make every time they wear a uniform. At Lone Star Challenge Coins, we create those gifts with great care and craftsmanship so you can give them with pride.

To craft your perfect gift for the police officer in your life, contact Lone Star Challenge Coins today.

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