5 Thoughtful Navy Graduation Gift Ideas

Navy Graduation Gift Ideas

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You must be tough to go through Navy boot camp, but even the most hardened recruits want to know that others recognize their sacrifice. Before graduates head off for the final training that prepares them for their occupation, they will feel honored to receive some thoughtful Navy boot camp graduation gifts.

Remember that communication with anyone in boot camp is infrequent and highly controlled, so the Navy boot camp graduation ceremony will be your chance to present your gift. Also, recruits can invite a maximum of four guests, so if you’re not one of the four, you’ll have to have someone attending present your Navy graduation gift for you. Whether you can be there in person or not, the gesture will show the graduates that their accomplishments are significant, and they’ll go into their next training experience with confidence.

Check out the official Navy graduation dates to ensure you order your gift quickly. You can see which training group and divisions graduate on which day and the number of guests they’ll allow.

5 Navy Graduation Gift Ideas

Each of these Navy boot camp graduation gift ideas allows for customization and personalization to make them more impactful. Remember that the graduates will be both excited and exhausted! You can always pair one of these gifts with a kind gesture, such as booking a pleasant, comfortable hotel room before heading off for more training or framed pictures of friends or family.

Also, consider how or if you’ll wrap the gift. With some items, such as lapel pins, presenting them directly to the graduate may be more impactful, especially since they won’t have to worry about carrying gift bags or boxes afterward. Avoid bulky, hard-to-carry items or gifts that aren’t allowed, such as weapons. When in doubt, you can contact the graduate or the base to find out what items may be banned.

Don’t forget about a card! No matter which gift you choose, everyone appreciates a card with kind words from their loved ones. And for smaller gifts, such as patches, you may be able to slip them into the card itself.

1. Challenge Coin

A classic US Navy graduation gift, you can trace challenge coins back to the Roman Empire. Historically, you give them to honor high achievements in the military. Custom-made coins allow you to inscribe them with any design or wording you want. You can also have them made with 3D, raised surfaces or custom shapes. Whatever your imagination allows, you can get a challenge coin made to your exact specifications.

2. Custom Patch

Anyone who’s worked hard to arrive at a Navy basic training graduation should be proud of their achievement. As such, they will appreciate a Navy graduation gift they can proudly wear and display! A custom patch lets you send a small, light, yet powerful gift that you can bet will be worn with respect and joy. In addition to selecting your desired shape, design, and wording, you can also choose the backing, which can be PVC, hook and loop, or iron-on.

3. Custom Medal

Medals are traditionally awarded for acts of valor by the military, but you can create a custom medal as a Navy graduation gift to honor the occasion. Choose between trophy, Fiesta, or traditional military medals. Each comes with various ribbon options, including striped patterns, solid colors, and flags. We can even make a custom ribbon if you can’t find an appropriate stock design.

4. Lapel pin

Custom lapel pins make excellent gifts for Navy graduation ceremonies because they are small, stylish, and easy to fit inside the smallest gift box. You can design almost any shape you want with as many revisions as needed. Whether you have artwork in mind already or need to rely on in-house professionals, the results will blow you away. You can choose from several styles and materials:
  • Soft or hard enamel
  • Trading pins
  • Die struck
  • Offset printed
  • Silkscreen printed
There are even rush options for those of you who are getting your order in later than you wanted to!

5. Belt Buckle

Custom belt buckles are cool, flashy, and perfect for showing what training group or division the graduate belongs to. Belt buckles are made similarly to challenge coins. They are stamped in a mold, then electroplated and colored. The buckles are available as a hinge and hook Western style you might see at a rodeo or a web belt/box frame style intended for use on woven fabric belts. Again, you get to choose the design, the shape, the wording, and the colors.

Find the Perfect Gift With Lone Star

Navy graduation gifts often carry a sense of honor and accomplishment, reflecting the recipient’s dedication to serving their country. Thoughtful options might include personalized military-themed items, such as engraved challenge coins or custom-made pieces. 

Lone Star Challenge Coins specializes in gifts for first responders and the military, and we always strive for the utmost quality in every product. Those who serve deserve nothing less! 

We’re happy to work with you to craft the gift you’re looking for, regardless of which gift ideas for Navy boot camp graduation piqued your interest. You’ll get the same attention to detail and craftsmanship from our patches and belt buckles as our tried and true challenge coins

We are Veteran-owned, so we are uniquely positioned to help you find the perfect gift to commemorate military graduations. Contact Lone Star Challenge Coins to get started today!

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